Flash Fiction 1

“‘Mraaww! Mrrraaaaawwww!’, he growled at me. Shoved that moldy canvas sack at me. I got the picture. I popped the drawer and started shoveling cash into it, but he just got angrier. He pitched a fit as you can see. Flipped everything upside down. It was scary as hell. Little Norma, the butcher’s widow, she practically fainted. Fell back in that corner to escape. I didn’t know what he wanted. Not until he smashed through the gate, ripped the sack back, and took them himself. All the smokes we had in the shop and half the lighters to boot! And then he ran out the door, straight through the damn glass! That shit is tempered, how’d he do that?”

“You say he was wearing a halloween costume?”

“Yes officer. Big shaggy mess. Smelled like a buck in mating season too! So tall, he barely fit in the store.”

“We’ll find him. Call your insurance and…”

“Hey chief! Come over here, you ain’t gonna believe this.”

“Damn Obi. Those are some big feet.”


This was inspired by Wendy, paid for with Simbi credits. Don’t know what Simbi is? It’s an app to exchange/barter your services for others’ services or simbi credits that you can spend on others’ services/or even products! Simbi as in simbiotic partnerships. The future of trade is here. Join me and many others in a brand new community.

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