I am a recursive process, dependent on systems to execute functions.
Systems are processes that govern and share work with other systems.
When one system dies, the governing systems attempt to correct imbalances, and are ultimately unsuccessful.
When one main system dies, I attempt to correct imbalances, and am ultimately unsuccessful.
The earth is a process too.
I am one of earth’s systems.
No person is one of earth’s main systems. Humanity is though.
The climate is another of earth’s main systems.
Climate change is merely earth attempting to correct her imbalances.
Which process is greater will be told out in time, but I’d bet on the underdog.
We’ve become a main system of earth – we are not to be bound.

Eden and The Digital

Welcome to Eden. It wasn’t always like this. There used to be spires that stretched to the heavens. There were cures for every ailment – humans were immortal and varied. Our Golden Age.

We were immortal, but we were addicted. As I’m sure you know, we were addicts to the Digital and something else much more sinister.  We were addicted to the plans of a select few leaders, and that is what lead to our downfall.

Fighting over resources was how it began – our fall. The oppressed rose up and did something terrible. They unleashed a plague intent on wiping out all others but those of their tribe. It nearly worked.

When things became so bad and all hope was lost, the world’s leaders came together and formed a plan to isolate the peoples – to stop the spread of disease – or so the history books say. In the interest of averting human extinction, they agreed to launch and ignite their nuclear bombs in space.

The leaders knew the ramifications of their plan. Electro-magnetic waves would bathe Earth – an enormous EMP blast worldwide. Most Digital artifacts would be destroyed. The entire electrical grid would explode. Trade routes would collapse. A greening apocalypse would ensue and after some years of forced segregation the world could reunite – civilization would rise again stronger. That was the plan at least.

The plague had sparked a rage in people. This rage ignited the Silent World War. Like-minded men came together for protection, and sadly, for revenge. Though the original records have been outlawed and are assumed lost to time, copies do exist. This really happened and it happened worldwide.

The purists rose with their stockpiles. With fewer weapons for defense and an immobilized military, those who believed in unity quickly either converted or were silenced. In short order, different “pure” pockets rose around the world. The multi-racial were pushed to the margins and eventually extinction.

As this madness began to unfold is when they struck. They gave no warning. First they shut down our nuclear plants. Then they launched their bombs into space. A few fell back, but we were spared the worst.

The Light was terrible. Electric lines worldwide exploded with energy. Houses burned down. Transformers burst. Society crumbled in an instant.

Those that died following the Light mostly died of starvation. They didn’t know how to live off the land. After their crop factories stopped shining, there wasn’t enough food. The planet had been stripped near clean of its minerals and oils. Radiation rained down from the heavens for years. Food was scarce. Most species went extinct. Humans came close.

The survivors were those that could defend themselves first, but also those with resources and services to barter. Survival was impossible. Some managed it.

Communities formed and we shunned the Digital.  The plague was stopped, but the price was everything. We adapted. We learned how to survive and thrive without the Digital. We saw the demon and we banished it. But here we are, in “Eden”, playing with it again.

If you read this and enjoyed it – there is something wrong with you.

Flash Fiction 5

Plumping down on the spotted shroom, she tossed her load to the side. “Adventuring is hard work”, she sighed. It had been at least twenty minutes since she set out on her quest, and she really needed a PB&J. “Oh no, I forgot to pack a knife. I guess I can use my fingers.” She twisted the cap off and spread a glop on the bread.

Sniff, sniff. She heard the thing before she saw it. What was it? It looked like a mole almost, but it stood upright. And it could speak! “Gives us the bread.” It demanded of her. “Gives it to us now.” It swayed forward and back, in a drunken state, stubby arms grasped.

More amused than scared, she defied it. “No! You little vermin, get out of here and leave me alone.” She pursed her cherub face and added, “This is my samwich.”

“We makes you deal. Yes! We is so hungry. We makes you deal for sammich.” It reached into its fur, dug around, pulled it forth. “Here. Takes it. Magical flea!”

“No!” She reiterated. “I have no need for your bugs! You get going sir! I have been harrassed by you long enough mister.”

“Magical flea!” It shoved it in her face. The flea jumped. The mole-man swiped the sandwich and scurried off into the prickers.

“Why you!” She screamed, but it was too late. She could feel it crawling in her hair. “Ouch!” It bit her, she scratched. “Ow!” It bit again. She ran off, scratching to no avail.

Ten minutes of running. Ten minutes of scratching. Ten minutes of crying. She found herself in a clearing. A shimmering pool laid at its center. “Aha! I’ll wash you out damn flea!” She stripped naked and dove in. The water refreshed her, the bite marks calmed. “Ahh. That’s better.” “Ouch!” It bit her again!

She flailed about. Stubbed her toe on something sharp. “A sword!” She reached down and held it aloft. It gleamed, water poured down its edge. It kept pouring down its edge. Water continued to drip from the sword, not stopping. “A magical sword!” She tried to switch hands, to let go. She couldn’t. “A cursed magical sword. Oh you damn flea! What have you gotten me into?”

She crawled from the pool, already starting to recede into earth. The swords previous owner, what remained of it, lay at the bottom. Water started pooling around her feet. Her bare skin grew cold and wet. The corpse moved. It lurched at her, claws scratched her face.

“Ouch!” The flea bit deep. She stumbled back, just as it would have taken her head. “Not now flea!” The flea bit again, hard! She tried to scratch, but her hand was still trapped to the sword, unable to release. The sword struck home, cleaved the creature’s hand.

It howled. Fell back. Liquid pools for eyes stared at her. It crouched and lunged. The flea bit her side! She grasped at it, other arm thrust straight out, contorted in pain. The ghoul impaled itself, its guts flopped to the ground. It fell from her grasp. The creature didn’t stir.

Water continued to seep from the sword. A pool began to form around the corpse. She saw her prize. She wasted no time, snatched it from its neck. An amulet, blue as the ocean, shaped in a heart. She wandered off, weary of her adventure. “Ouch. Okay flea. You can stay.”

This was inspired by Alexis, paid for with Simbi credits. Don’t know what Simbi is? It’s an app to exchange/barter your services for others’ services or simbi credits that you can spend on others’ services/or even products! Simbi as in simbiotic partnerships. The future of trade is here. Join me and many others in a brand new community.

Flash Fiction 4

“Ugh! I give up.” Papers flew into the air, flipped and fluttered. But then something strange. They started to take shape!

Smash. A gnarled, black and barren tree slammed down, rooted itself in the floor. A crow settled on its branches. A giant spider peaked
kaleidoscope eyes from behind the trunk.

“Oh my,” was all she could say. Astonishment snatched her breath as the pages transformed into more painted horrors. A jackle cackled. A
satyr blew its pipes. She stood transfixed, unable to move. The spider crawled up to her, under her, propped her on its carapice.

“My goddess, my creator, we need thee.” She heard the voice in her head.

Red light cracked the tree’s trunk. It opened. Revealed a door, ancient stone stairs descending inside.

She fought for control, but the pipes had her. She panicked. The spider lurched forward, carried her to the tree.

“Don’t fight lady. We appreciate you. We love you.” Flames danced in the demon’s pupils. They began descending the steps, the tree closed
behind. “Don’t you love us?” Her fear beat in her chest, strangled her lungs, punched her guts. “What goes up, must come down.”

The spider circled. The satyr followed playing its pipes. It grew hot. Great fires blazed through the hollow. She tried to turn away. A
barren hellscape and all her horrors waited. Their teeth gnashed, tongues licked their lips in greeting.

Through dust and flames she spied a great throne. It was vacant. They crawled forward, wails of misery assaulted her. “Your new home lady,
queen of the hopeless.” The pipes ceased their playing and she ceased to care.

This was inspired by Wendy, paid for with Simbi credits. Don’t know what Simbi is? It’s an app to exchange/barter your services for others’ services or simbi credits that you can spend on others’ services/or even products! Simbi as in simbiotic partnerships. The future of trade is here. Join me and many others in a brand new community.

Flash Fiction 1

“‘Mraaww! Mrrraaaaawwww!’, he growled at me. Shoved that moldy canvas sack at me. I got the picture. I popped the drawer and started shoveling cash into it, but he just got angrier. He pitched a fit as you can see. Flipped everything upside down. It was scary as hell. Little Norma, the butcher’s widow, she practically fainted. Fell back in that corner to escape. I didn’t know what he wanted. Not until he smashed through the gate, ripped the sack back, and took them himself. All the smokes we had in the shop and half the lighters to boot! And then he ran out the door, straight through the damn glass! That shit is tempered, how’d he do that?”

“You say he was wearing a halloween costume?”

“Yes officer. Big shaggy mess. Smelled like a buck in mating season too! So tall, he barely fit in the store.”

“We’ll find him. Call your insurance and…”

“Hey chief! Come over here, you ain’t gonna believe this.”

“Damn Obi. Those are some big feet.”


This was inspired by Wendy, paid for with Simbi credits. Don’t know what Simbi is? It’s an app to exchange/barter your services for others’ services or simbi credits that you can spend on others’ services/or even products! Simbi as in simbiotic partnerships. The future of trade is here. Join me and many others in a brand new community.

The Sacrifice

Warning: This post is rather graphic and contains ritualistic human sacrifice.

Following is another very short story I wrote. I hope you enjoy.

This work is copyrighted 2013 by Nathan Washor. All rights reserved.

Small circular windows shone thin beams of moonlight down from the vaulted ceiling. Their glint off the medallion’s silver was reflected by the jewel’s innumerable facets, cascading tiny rainbows about the blackened chamber. Lights danced to the medallion’s slow spin as its beaded chain twirled between her finger and thumb. The scent of oranges and cloves clung to the air. The scene hypnotized, lulling her sacrifice to trance. The time was near.

* * *

He came willing, hearing his master’s call from beyond death’s veil. Still, terror of the act gripped his heart with claws that dug deep into that muscle. Fear’s fist would not be the one to tear flesh from his ribs. That job was reserved for the slender digits that suppressed his panic with their mesmerizing motion. Those delicate fingers. They had so loving caressed him that morning; his master’s final act of gratitude on this side of the veil.

She had said it would be quick. She had said, “Almost painless. Just a little prick.” She had not said how the waiting would be torture itself. She stood there so beautiful in her poise, naked in the moonlight, rainbows twinkling in her eyes. He laid there sheathed in sweat, strapped to the altar, trembling in the dark. Her perfume wriggled up his nose, gently massaging the knots of panic in his mind. Gradually, his shivers calmed and his breath steadied. The time was here.

* * *

The moon shone full through the tenth window. The medallion angled the beam and the gem glowed green. The portal was opening.

She withdrew the knife from its plain leather sheath. Its glass blade was so fine and delicate, so incredibly sharp, its purpose so sinister. The point glided through his exposed neck, separating throat from jaw. His head tilted back. His eyes bulged and rolled as his body spasmed under its restraints. Blood pumped furiously, flowing in a torrent down chiseled grooves to pool around her bared feet. She raised the blade and sliced a long, deep furrow down the center of his torso. She set the blade in the bowl of water resting on a side table and looked down with purpose.

She flattened her hand as it dove into his cavity. It quested following the stalling beats and grasped the organ tight as she ripped it free. She held it aloft in the green glow of the open portal.

She cried with zeal, “Blood and muscle, join with my flesh and bones so that my body may become a perfect vessel for my lord!” She bit deep into the heart, chewing savagely and swallowed. She cried again, “Lord Nosos! Master of disease. Enter me, your willing servant!”

The portal winked out. Her face contorted in dismay and shock as she dropped lifeless to the ground. Rejection was something she had never conceived.

The Murder

Following is a very short story I wrote taking place within the world of Zarathuz. It is to be continued.

This work is copyrighted 2013 by Nathan Washor. All rights reserved.

Colors swam over his vision, a liquid ball of pigments swirling over and around one another, but never mixing. His hands began to tingle and his legs were already numb. This was the cost of life, and payment was due.

Half his skull had been shattered by the red knight wielding his awful mace. He somehow retained consciousness as he had fallen from his own steed to land beneath stomping hoofs and fighting men. He had lain there, bodies piling up all around him, cloaking his still breathing corpse under a guise of death. The battle still raged on, but this piece of blood soaked ground had already been claimed. Its true victor waited for one more soul to pass into its grasp.

He closed his eyes, but the colors would not dissipate. He longed for oblivion’s sweet embrace to take away the pain, the nausea, the involuntary twitches that wracked his body. Death did not come though, and had it, it would not have been so merciful.

He had lived a hard life. A mercenary’s life. He had killed innocents and vented his rage and lusts on the victims of his warfare. The gods, whether he believed in them or not, would not grant him peace everlasting. Instead he had a visitor.

The crow looked down on him with an intelligence one only thinks capable of men. A new fear welled up inside him. He wished to flail his arms to shoo the little beast away, but they did not obey. He growled at it, but all that came out was a choked gurgle. The colors danced more brightly from the strain and his head throbbed in pain. The bird hopped forward and in one fast motion, plucked his left eye out with its beak. The man watched in stunned horror with his remaining eye as the thing tilted its thick black neck back. It opened its beak and scoffed down its morsel. A savage urge of delight welled up in the man, mixing with his already present anguish and horror as it choked on its prize. It only lasted a moment and a deep feeling of loss replaced delight as the creature managed to get its meal down. It cocked its head at him, stepped forward again and plucked out the other eye.

The man tried to scream, but met the same shortcomings as before. Colors still swam before the vision that had so permanently been robbed of him. A flutter of wings foretold of the beast’s friends arrivals, but the flutter soon became a chorus, and then a roar. The air about him stank of carrion and a rhythmic wind pattered his face, drying to his cheeks the blood that dripped from his empty sockets. The man now knew fear. This was his payment; to be eaten alive. How he wished he had been luckier.

Had he not blocked most of the red knight’s furious assault, he would already be dead. The jealousy he had of his fellow corpses flared with each moment as the murder descended on them. Tiny claws gripped onto exposed flesh as the clinks of feet on metal were all but drowned out by the ruckus. Then he noticed a voice in the commotion, as if the thousands of wings themselves spoke.

“Mortal man” the murder said. “You can hear us mortal man?” It asked of him.

The man gurgled, “yes”. He choked on his own words and coughed hard, relieving the phlegm in his lungs for a moment. He reiterate with a stronger voice, “yes.”

The murder responded, “Good. Mortal man, We have need of you. Will you obey us? We will return life to your dying body.”

The man cried, “My eyes. I can not see.” He whimpered, crying too difficult to achieve. “How can I help without eyes?”

The murder said, “We took your eyes. You will not need them. Had they remained, you would be dead.”

The man just sobbed in self pity.

The murder said, “Will you obey us? Or will you die? We are not patient and grow ever hungry.”

Fear jolted the man again. The thought of a god consuming him was a horrible one. “I will obey”, He squeaked as another coughing fit racked him.

The murder said, “Then sleep.” He obeyed.